About Hot Rod Tiki Vintage

Hotrod Tiki Vintage was born in 2003 through the passion of Sue & Dave Wright, a passion that spreads across tiki, vintage, Hawaii, collecting and everything else, kool! We love what we sell, which is why Hotrod Tiki vintage was started.


I have been into collecting since I left school, mainly 50’s and 60’s. I am passionate about everything 60’s from the cars, clothes, music, hairstyles, etc; and enjoy dressing the part when we go to an event. The 60’s Hawaiian style is my favourite, I just love how colourful everything is, makes you feel happy! We have been collecting tiki since 1996 and have one of the largest collections this side of America, being featured in different magazines and books around the World. You will normally find us at Vintage events throughout the year with our 1959 Chevy Wagon ‘The Headhunter’.


I have been collecting 50’s and 60’s since school age and always had a fascination for that era through watching American films as a child. I grew up collecting the music of that era too. When getting together with Sue we realised we both had a shared passion and go to many events and weekenders, here and overseas, it has turned into a lifestyle with the clothes and cars also our house, see some of the photos here to see our style.

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