1950s Flying Cloud Boat American TV Lamp & Clock


1950s Flying Cloud Boat American TV Lamp & Clock

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1950’s Flying Cloud Boat American TV Lamp & Clock, fantastic lamp for the top of your TV, a wooden boat with silver detailing, has cut-outs for portholes, behind the portholes at the rear has a green bulb and a clear bulb in the front which glow, gives a great colour when switched on, then it has three metal sails which are fixed by metal rods, has the name ‘Flying Cloud’ on the front of the boat, also has a centre clock fitted which is the main hull of the boat, the on and off switch for the light is fixed in the clock, for show only but comes with American transformer so it works over here, great condition but does have slight tarnishing to the sails and a small piece at the front is missing but doesn’t really notice, see photos, also clock doesn’t seem to work so would need looking at but great for show, size 16″ L x 15″ H x 3″ W, Made by Master Crafters, USA


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